Sparkling Wine

The sparkling wine DONS is Skærsøgaard’s signature wine. It has been produced every year since 2001 and brought home 143 prestigious medals, 91 of which were from international competitions.

20 years in a row, DONS has been named “Best Sparkling Wine” of the year at the Danish national wine fair. The wines are handmade according to the traditional method.
They come in three different types: White, rosé, and red.

Skærsøgaard is the first Danish food manufacturer to have applied for and successfully been granted the status of “Protected Designation of Origin (PDO)”. The appellation, which is the highest possible level of recognition for foodstuffs, in this case a wine, was achieved in Denmark and has now (19th of April 2018) been approved by the European Commission. The product specification DONS (PDO) Quality Wine is published by the European Union and is available HERE (CLICK) in 23 languages. The final approval is available HERE in Danish and HERE in 23 languages. The original Danish application with a map of the area and a description of the method is available HERE You can also read the article from Vinbladet HERE

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