Fruit Wine

Skærsøgaard’s famous fortified wine Æblau is made from Danish apples. It is characterized by not only the malic acidity of the fruit, but also its sweetness and the nutty taste of the core. The fermented apple-wine is combined with our barrel-matured apple Brandy in order to reach an alcohol concentration of 17 %. Then, it is matured in barrels for 3 to 5 years. Æblau contains no added sulphites and has a long shelf-life - even after it has been opened.

Sparkling cider is produced according to the same traditional method as any other sparkling wine, but with an extraordinarily high pressure in the bottle. Æblau is added as a liqueur during the final dégorgement.

Liqueur of black currants combined with rum.

Fortified cherry wine made from Danish Stevns cherries with outstanding intensity.

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