Since 2006, Skærsøgaard has produced distillates of both grape and fruit, with or without barrel maturation. The wines are produced by micro distillation with professional German equipment in a 255 L copper pot.

The following types are produced: Grape Brændevin, which is a clear “Grappa”-esque distillate of red grape skin from the main wine production without barrel maturation. The bottles contain a small decorative vine-branch.

Brandy, which is a grape distillate that is matured in barrels for 10 years. In addition to the normal alcohol concentration of 40%, it is also produced in a limited edition series with 62% - called “cask strength”.
ÆbleBrandy and PæreBrandy which are 100% Danish barrel-matured apple or pear distillates of a high quality.

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