At Skærsøgaard, we make an actual effort to protect the environment by reducing our carbon footprint. This goal is achieved by optimizing all levels of our business:

In the fields, we do not use any sort of round-up, but instead focus on natural fertilizers. All heating of the winery is produced by a woodchip heating system, which replaced one that used oil. Finally, a sizable portion of our electricity is generated by our own solar power plant.

Skærsøgaard’s Solar Power Plant

Due to an increased emphasis on green energy, a solar power plant was built. This source of energy generates a sizable portion of our electricity. The entire plant produces 6 kW on average during sunshine hours.

Skærsøgaard’s Woodchip Heating System

The entirety of Skærsøgaard’s, including affiliated houses, heating demands are covered by a woodchip heating system, instead of oil or public district heating. The system produces up to 200 kW and is supplied by trees from the neighbouring forest. These trees are removed as a result of “thinning”; a common and somewhat natural process which seeks to increase the resistance of the forest to environmental stress.

Reduced Plastic Consumption

In order to reduce our plastic consumption, we use biodynamical chips in the packaging of orders. These chips are made from corn starch and are thus completely biodegradable upon contact with liquids.

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