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Danish wine

Factsheet about Skærsøgaard ®, Denmark, June 2012:

(Skær-sø-gaard translates literately to: Bright light – lake – estate)  

Nørresøvej 12, Dons
6051 Almind, Denmark
Tlf.:      +45 7555 4473 / 2338 0809

The wine estate is located by the lake of Skærsø in Dons close to Kolding.

Skærsøgaard is Denmark's first registered and licensed winery. Among the largest in Denmark with 5.2 Ha. 4 employees.


Red wine, White wine, Rosé, Sweet dessert wine and Sparkling wine each year since 2001.

Furthermore, enriched wines, liqueur, grape- and fruit spirit, brandy, calva & Æbleau from own distillery. Established micro-distillery in 2007 with 250 liter copper pot and column-distillation for the production of grape brandy. Has established barrels in 2007 of the first Danish wine brandy (cognac-type). 

Denmark's most awarded winery.

Stable quality:

Skærøgaard’s sparkling wine "DON's" won the silver medal for the fifth consecutive year at the prestigious international competition for Champagnes, Effervescent du Monde. A demarcation for Protected Designation of Origin is in EU procedure and has been accepted by Denmark.


Awarded 67 medals. 48 Danish medals and 19 international medals for the first 10 vintages, of which 12 times gold. "Winery of the year” for 2005, 2008 and 2009.


Blue grape varieties:

Rondo, Leon Millot, Regent,
Cabernet Cortis. 

Green grape varieties: 

Orion, Madeleine Angevine,
Zalas Pearl, Solaris

Mission: Crafting price winning handmade wine.

Utilizing the short but intensive Nordic summer, Skærsøgaard produces gold medal winning hand-crafted wines of all types with minimum intervention and using disease resisted spray-less grape types.  Denmark is new - but already recognized -among wine producing nations, with the first vintage being 2001. Skærsøgaard is categorized as Regional Wines from Jutland (Protected Geographical Indication), offering quality wine experiences in conjunction with the renaissance of Nordic Food.

A part of Skærsøgaard production is certified organic.

The wines are sold primarily by the company HJ Hansen  (see as principal wholesaler. Distributed in specialty shop, Magasin du Nord’s wine departments and the chain “Vinspecialisten”. In addition, sales at wine arrangements and at the wine estate’s shop. Available at top restaurants.  Exports - mostly to Germany.

A short history of Danish wine: 

In  August 2000  EU accepted Denmark as a wine producing area for table wine. 

With the vintage of 2001 2 producers opened the Danish commercial wine market with approx. 2.000 bottles.

For the vintage of 2002 there were 6 commercial Danish producers with approx. 12.000 bottles.

For the vintage of 2003: 7 commercial Danish producers with approx. 10.000 bottles.

For the vintage of 2004: 7 commercial Danish producers with a very smal amounts, because of the bad weather conditions.

For the vintage of 2005: 10 – 12 producers with approx. 15.000 bottles

For the vintage of 2006: approx. 20 producers with approx. 40.000 bottles. From this year the regional wine scheme was accepted.

By 2009 there are approx. 60 producers, 50 hectares planted with vines and a production of approx. 75.000 bottles a year.

By 2012 there are approx. 80 producers.

Growth rate is expected to increase rapidly, but with several relatively small-scale productions.

Skærsøgaard Wine

This vineyard was the first registered and authorized Danish vineyard.

It is situated near the town of Kolding 6 km from the sea and in close proximity of the lake Skærsø, after witch the vineyard and wine is named.

At the annual EU approved Danish wine competition the track record of Skærsøgaard Wine has been high and Skærsøgaard has won 70% of the first prices in the categories of Red, White. Rosé, Sparkling and Sweet dessert wines for the first 10 vintages with medals each year. 

Danish Medals:

48 medals: 9 Gold, 14, silver, 25 bronze

International rewards: 19

Effervescents du Monde (France)

2007 Silver (Sparkling wine)
2008 Silver (Sparkling wine)
2009 Silver (Sparkling wine)
2010 Silver (Sparkling wine)
2011 Silver (Sparkling wine)

Mondus vini (Germany)

2008 Gold (Red wine)
2009 Silver (White wine)
2009 Silver (White wine) 

International Wine Challenge (England) 

2008 Bronze (Sparkling wine) 
2008 Bronze (Dessert wine) 
2009 Silver (Sparkling vine)
2009 Bronze (White vine) 

AWC vienna (austria)

2010 Silver (Sparkling wine)
2010 Silver (Sparkling wine)
2010 Silver (Dessert wine)
2011 Silver (Fortified wine)
2011 Silver (Red Wine)

China Wine Awards (China)

2012 Gold (Fortified Wine)

Cuvée 2012 (Check republic)

2012 Gold (Sparkling wine)

A total of 67 medals for the vintages 2001-2010 

This home page is mainly in Danish - however you will be able to get a visual impression.

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Skærsøgaard Vin · Nørresøvej 12, Dons · 6051 Almind · Tlf. 7555 4473 · Mobil 2338 0809 · Fax 7555 4493 · Send en e-mail