Visit the winery

Skærsøgaard Vin is the first licensed estate winery in Denmark, located by the hamlet of Dons near the city of Kolding. The winery is owned by the Sven Moesgaard and is run in conjunction with Katharina, Benjamin, Anders, Hans, and Mads. Additionally, during the harvest season, inhabitants of the local area and wine enthusiasts from afar volunteer to help pick the grapes, ensuring a bountiful harvest.
About 25.000 vines are grown outdoors on roughly 8 hectares of land.

The European Union granted Denmark its very first official wine region in 2018. DONS is the northernmost wine region of the EU and Denmark's first appellation, on equal terms as more familiar regions such as Bordeaux, Champagne, La Rioja, and Piemonte. Skærsøgaard's sparkling wine "DONS" is the first Danish product to receive the status of PDO, which is equivalent to the French AOC or the Italian DOC.

The wines of Skærsøgaard are characterised by the Danish summer of white nights; slow, aromatic ripening of the grapes; and a traditional, craftsmanlike method of production. Since 2001, the vast majority of our wines have received medals at the yearly fair Dansk Vinskue, which is regulated by the European Union. Furthermore, the wines since vintage 2006 have accumulated more than 100 prestigious international medals.

Events for individuals

CANCELLED!! Vingårdsbesøg d. 1/4 og d. 6/5 og d. 3/6 2020 kl. 19 er CANCELLED!!

On the very first Wednesday of April, May, June, September, October and November at 7 PM, private individuals may visit the vineyard. On a visit you will experience

  • The history of Skærsøgaard Vin
  • Lecture on the production of wine
  • Guided tour to the fields (provided that the sun is still out and the weather is adequate)
  • Tasting of five selected wines

Duration: Approximately two and a half hours. Registration to is required, at the latest two days in advance.

Price: 150 DKK per person.
Only MobilePay or cash (no credit cards) are accepted

Events for groups

20-90 people

Only according to agreement, only on weekdays (primarily evenings) - please refer to the contact section below. Experience an organised Danish estate winery from the inside. Taste the awarded wines of Skærsøgaard. Purchase wine to bring home - the perfect gift for any wine enthusiast.

We receive groups of any size; with a maximum capacity of 90 people. 

Duration: Two and a half hours. Contents:

  • Guided tour to the fields (provided that the sun is still out and the weather is adequate)
  • Showcasing of the production facilities
  • An engaging story about wine production at Skærsøgaard and in Denmark
  • Tasting of five selected wines

For such an event, we calculate a price of 150 DKK per person (though at least 3000 DKK if the group numbers fewer than 20 people)If additional wines wish to be tasted, every additional wine is paid for per bottle. Payment according to invoice. All prices include sales tax.